A gritty medieval fantasy universe

Silver and Crimson

The Silver & Crimson universe takes place on the disputed continent of Caldril. Three major nations (Burrous, Drelorn, and Vesilia) have raged war since the first settlers discovered the White Rock Strand 400 years earlier. Refugees from continents beyond the turbulent seas to the west found the bountiful lands of Caldril during the Age of Exploration. Once territories and borders separated lands into pieces, war promptly followed.

Eckros, a nation in the center of Caldril, endured endless foreign assaults, becoming a battleground for the greater nations. Finally, the Eckrosie took matters into their own hands, burning and laying waste to their own country. Now where once plentiful fields and forests stretched until the horizon, endless ashen wastelands divide the continent in two.

The consequences of history haunt the continent. Countless wars and disagreements carry from one generation to another, affecting younger generations’ decisions and destinies.

The Silver & Crimson universe takes place in a low-fantasy setting. Corrupt governments, suffering, loss, vengeance, betrayal, love, family, poor vs. rich, magic, capes, and swords are all a given in this universe. 

Influences vary from the Lord of the Rings, A Song of Ice and Fire, Assassin’s Creed, and The Witcher series. It is meant to explore grey areas of humanity, belonging, the importance of friendship, and dealing with loss. 

© Copyright 2023 – Sarah Eriksson

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