Legends Steeped in Red

Legends Steeped in Red

A short story collection set in the Silver & Crimson universe

Whispers from history echo in eternity. Across the war-ridden lands of Caldril, legends rise and fall. Some stories of heroes and villains silence over time.

From children to the elderly. From the rich to the poor. From kings to peasants. From heroes to villains … everyone has a story to tell. In this collection, short stories told from other perspectives, times, and backgrounds come together to form Legends Steeped in Red.

Legends Steeped in Red is an ongoing short story collection set in the Silver & Crimson universe written by me. The first novel in the series FORGED IN CRIMSON awaits publication.

Journals of Kowèn

A journal set in a homebrew dungeons & dragons campaign

Husband, son, famous sculpture – kidnapped, prisoner, slave

These are the Journals of Kowèn – a story of a husband, son, famous sculpture turned prisoner and slave, who tries to find his way back to his former life in the loving embrace of his husband and family waiting for his return.

Beyond writing fantasy novels and short stories set in my fantasy world I play tabletop roleplaying games. Dungeons and Dragons (5e) is the game and is the birthplace of this story that follows Kowèn. I introduced this character into my friend’s homebrew campaign called Tales of TPK streamed over on Twitch.

For you RPG geeks like me, I have hidden several spells in this story. Perhaps you can find them and name them even? Can you figure out what class Kowèn belongs to?

Screenplays for Short Films

A short film about crimes against the lgbtq+ community

Film making has always been a passion of mine since I saw the LOTR behind the scenes. This short film was a school project I wrote, directed and edited. TRIGGER WARNING for violence and hate crimes.

With a Whisper is a short film where a party in the suburbs goes terribly wrong when hateful words turns into violence. Written & directed by: Sarah Eriksson

Blog post on Conquering Fear

A blog post written for Craftbetterbooks.com

Fear is a tough being to encounter. It comes in different shapes and keeps our creativity at bay. Thoughts like I’m not good enoughWhy would anyone be interested in my story? and What if no one reads it? loom in the corners of our minds and sometimes envelop creativity in darkness.

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